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How do you live your best life?

What are your biggest struggles?

Who and what gets in your way?

What keeps you awake night?

How do you envision your life to look like?

Are you ready to make some changes?


Being an entrepreneur and working from home can be frustrating, challenging and wonderful all at the same time and working from home just adds to the chaos.  Here’s the thing…we tend to be pulled in so many different directions that we feel overwhelmed.


Entrepreneurs are a special breed, one thing for sure is we ALL struggle with juggling our time and anyone working from home can be driven to distractions.  If you get to the end of your week and wonder where the time went, you have come to the right place.  Wherever your personal journey takes you, there is a way to bring more of what you want.


I have experienced the super highs and lows of being an entrepreneur for the last 19 years, while my role as a business owner, mom, counselor, chef, nurse, teacher, wife, organizer, planner and now grandmother of five put more on my plate than I expected.  Life has thrown me some extremely challenging circumstances along the way where I was forced into re-evaluating what my purpose was as life unfolded. I designed my own system to navigate my way through these different stages in life while growing my business.

Imagine the window to your life where you give yourself permission to simply be you.  You are working with your ideal clients who appreciate you or work your corporate job from home with smart work/life balance, you have abundant time for the experiences with those that bring the best out in you and you are on the road to defining what success means for you.

Are you ready to start living your best life, the life you deserve and want?


What it would feel like to have time for what truly matters most?

My mission is to help you navigate all the demands in life.  I’m here to support you in your personal journey  so you can create the life you want and love. 

In this call we will discuss the day to day road blocks you struggle with and create some strategies you can implement right away, so you can start saying YES to yourself NOW.  

1:1  90 Minute Self-Care Session

Jane’s Strategies and Guide to “How to Own Your Time”

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Who is this self-care session for?

This session is designed for entrepreneurial women who need some support while navigating the demands of every day life, so than can focus on their goals, dreams and learn how to say yes to themselves.

You’ll take away:

√ Action steps that work for you.

√ Solutions that will remedy your feelings of life overwhelm.

Motivation to push you through those days that challenge you.


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